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Rodina barona Franze de Trenck

22. 8. 2006
Hans Dietrich von der Trenck d. 1673 von der Trenck • • • m. ___ • b. • d. • Issue: 1. John [Hans] von der Trenck, Colonel of Austria & Govenor of Calabria, Italy then returned to Slavka and Silesia and served as Governor of Leitschau.... b. abt 1674 Konigsburg d. 1743 Leitschau/ Austria-Hungry m. ____ Kettler of Courland . Note: Frederick Ketler, Duke of Courland, gave charter to Courland in 1625 and Fred. W. Kettler b. 1692 d. 1711 m. the Russian Empress Anne....Issue:  son [died before 1728]  son [died before 1728]  Baron Franz von der Trenck [Trek, Trengk] b. 1 Jan 1714 [or 1710 or 1711] Reggio, Calabria, Italy d.4 Oct 1749 Spielberg Prison [poison], Brunn, Moravia, Austria m. aft. 1736 to ___ Tillier, dau. of Field Marshal Baron Tillier of Switzerland. No heirs. Declared his cousin Frederick von der Trenck, his first cousin, as his legal heir.... He held the lands of Pakratz, Prestowacz, Pleternitz in Austria Hungery and in Yugoslavia owned the estates of Bestovac, Velika, Nustar and Zwerbach.... He raised and out of his own purse paid about 1,000 irregulars for Empress Maria Theresa in 1740. Was known for his brutailty as a soldier. 2. Maj.-General Baron Christopher Ehrenreich von der Trenck, Lord of the Estates of Scharlac, Schukalack and Meinken [Meyicken] m. Maria Charlotte von Derschau, dau. of Albrecht Frederick von Derschau, President of the Royal Law Court in Koenigberg, Pr. . Issue:  Frederick von der Trenck [see Gen. 2] b. 16 Feb 1726 Konigsberg d. 25 July 1974 guillotined in Paris, France m. (1) Princess A. Amalie [House of von Hohenzollern of Prussia] [annuled] ; m. (2) ___ de Broe, House of Artas from Bussels. She was the daughter of the Burgomester of Brussels.  See family in detail above 3. dau m. Nimschafsky 4. Anna Louise von der Trenck m. Georg von Partein  dau. m. Manstein Issue: