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Fridrich Trenck-dobrodruh,voják a spisovatel

22. 8. 2006
Frederick von der Trenck in Magdeburg Prison Amelia took up residence in Magdeburg.... 1763, almost ten years later, he would be released from prison His life of excitement continued. He would wed a second time and would have eight more children. [Descendants live in Arizona and California, USA in the 1980s] His first son of this miarriage was Joseph, who was born in Dec. of 1766 in Aix-la-Chapelle or Aachen, Prussia. Maternal family linked to the family of Artas His autobiography was written in 1786-7. It was translated into seven different lanuages. In 1794, Trenck was arrested as a spy in Paris, France. He was thrown in prison and placed on trial in front of the Tribunal.